Category Topics

Developing Relationships to Support Transition

Transition and Career Fairs are great ways to get students and families involved with the transition process. Share your ideas about how to host a successful event here, or ask other educators specific “how-to” questions!

Transition for Students in Inclusive Settings

It’s vital to provide transition instruction and services to students in full inclusion settings, but it can be a challenge to fit one more thing into their schedule. Use this board to share tips about finding that time, choosing assessments, arranging work-based learning opportunities, and more!

Transition in Low-Incidence Programs

Looking for ideas about how to provide high-quality transition instruction to students with low-incidence disabilities? Or do you have ideas you’d like to share with other educators who support this population? Use this board to list your questions and suggestions!

Transition in the Middle School

Looking for ideas about implementing transition instruction and activities in the middle school setting? Or do you have ideas you’d like to share? List your questions and suggestions here!